Operations Division Support Unit - 2006

The support unit is made up of fourteen (14) employees who operate four (4) sections consisting of Training, Quartermaster/Asset Inventory, Records/Word Processing, and Fleet Management.

The Training Bureau conducts all local law enforcement education and training. Training not only consists of basic police education, but areas of specialization. Deputies are trained in firearms safety and use, first aid to include CPR, crowd control, defensive tactics, and in-service law enforcement courses.

Training also provides all similar training to Corrections Officer.  The Stark County Sheriff's Office conducts Basic Police Officer and Correction Officer Academies.

In 2008 one Corrections Officer Basic Training Academy was held.  FEMA Courses IS - 100, 200, 700, and 800 classes were given to update those personnel who must complete those courses of instruction.

Training is an on-going obligation in law enforcement and continued training and education are viewed as a vital ingredient to the professional growth of the Stark County Sheriff's Office staff.  Many officers attended training in addition to the forty (40) hours of in-service training that was provided.

The Quartermaster and Asset Inventory Bureau provides all uniforms and special equipment necessary for the entire law enforcement mission of the Stark County Sheriff's Office, as well as the inventory of all items for the Sheriff's Office

The Records Bureau was staffed by three (3) clerks and a supervisor in 2008.  The supervisor oversees both the Record Department and the Word Processing Department.  Their purpose is to process all traffic accidents, citations, warnings and booking reports in a timely fashion.  They are the first point of contact at the Sheriff's Office for any persons entering the building.  The clerks answer questions and provide copies of accident and incident reports, upon request, to the public, other police agencies, and the courts.

The Word Processing Bureau was staffed by seven (7) clerks.  They type reports that have been dictated by the deputies in a timely manner.  They also transcribe interviews that are tape recorded by the deputies.  It is a priority that these reports and interview transcriptions be extremely accurate.  They enter pertinent information into the computer system so that anyone can locate any given report at any time

Records and Word Processing  handled 14,733 incident and accident reports in the year 2008

Vehicle Maintenance provides preventative maintenance, daily upkeep, repair and fueling of the Stark County Sheriff's Office fleet. 
The average patrol car travels appx 31,000 miles per year.
In 2008 the vehicle fleet consisted of:
1 Mobile Command Post
1 Freightliner Diesel Truck
1 unmarked GMC Yukon
2 unmarked Vehicles (Tahoe and Caprice)
7 marked Expeditions
8 unmarked Taurus
5 marked Taurus
30 marked Patrol Cruisers
8 marked Transport Vans
 unmarked Transport Van
3 marked County Blazers
19 marked Plain Township Cruisers
1 unmarked Plain Township Vehicle
2 marked Pickup Trucks
4 riding mower tractors
1 marked radar speed trailer
1 marked storage trailer

Confiscated vehicles:
2 marked DARE vehicles, 1 marked pickup truck, 10 unmarked vehicles, 1 boat, 1 boat trailer, 4 Yamaha 4 wheel ATV, 2 marked golf carts, 1 maintenance trailer, 1 vehicle handler, 1 Polaris, 1 Kawasaki.