Administrative Services - 2008

This Division provides the administrative support that is necessary to carry out the organizational mission and goals of the Sheriff's Office.  Employees assigned to this division work closely with members of every other division.  Responsibilities include recruitment  selections, in-service training, grant writing, technical writing, research, project development and planning, payroll, purchasing, labor management and maintaining computer systems. 

The Stark County Sheriff's Office has taken the initiative to actively seek grants and funding from numerous and varied sources. The following grants were in effect in 2008.

In 2008, the Stark County Sheriff's Office was awarded grants for $234,000 from the Stark-Tuscarawas-Wayne Joint Solid Waste District.  This covers salaries, benefits, and equipment purchases for deputies assigned to litter patrol. 

Deputies inspect all areas of the county for illegal dumping.  They investigate and prosecute those persons responsible.  They check for trash trucks with loads not tarped and issue citations.  They also check to make certain that trucks are not depositing mud on the roads from the landfills.

In 2008, the Stark County Sheriff's Office applied for and received a grant for $42,132 through the Ohio Department of Public Safety for funding to provide extra patrol for Traffic enforcement.  This grant as approved and the Enforcement Program was scheduled into nineteen (19) blitz periods

In 2008, the Stark County Sheriff's Office applied for a Federal Sub Grant through the Ohio Department of Criminal Justice Services to further investigate incidents of domestic violence.  The grant was approved and deputies were trained and assigned to this position.  The deputies collaborate with prosecutors, victim services, court personnel, probation, judicial, parole officers, social services personnel, children services and adult protective in this assignment.  The grant was awarded for $53,982.

2008 the Stark County Sheriff's Office received a grant for $45,162 from the Ohio Department of Public Safety to operate a Stark County Safe Communities Coalition.  Safe Communities is a community based program that is designed to create awareness and prevention of injuries caused by traffic crashes.

Some facts and figures from these different section:

    2008 Staffing Levels
134   Deputies
46   Correctional Officers
13   Communication Technicians
44   Civilians
  Employees 237

In 2008, 80 applicants were invited to begin the screening process.  42 were no-shows; 18 were disqualified; 0 were hired; 20 remained in the system as of December 31, 2008.

Inmate Medical & Mental Health Care 1,598,057
Inmate Food Services 554,491
Utilities (Gas, Electric, Sewer, Water, Phone) 727,305
Fuel, Vehicle Fleet 231,691
Vehicle Parts 49,874
Quartermaster 35,471
General Fund Operating Budget $17,342,703

Information Systems Group

The information Systems group is responsible for the operation and maintenance of 17 different computer systems,  over 100 workstations and associated printers and approximately 160 users located at the Stark County Sheriff's Office.  Several of the systems are mission critical and must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  These mission critical systems include, but are not limited to, the Jail Management and Booking System. the Computer Aided Dispatch System, WEB development , and the Records Management System.

2008 projects included the following:
-Expanded the Mobile Data Incident Entry System, a Forms Assistant product.
- Worked with the Stark County Auditor's Office and integrated the Sheriff's Office Real Estate application into the Sheriff's Web Page.  This enhancement saved countless hours of duplicate data entry.
- Completed and implemented a new WEB based Jail Management System.  The new system runs on MySql and saved us considerable money in licensing fees.
- Added VMWARE to our infrastructure.  VMWARE maximizes our hardware investment allowing us to run multiple virtual servers on 3 physical servers.
- Added a new fiber SAN (storage area network) and fiber switch to our network supporting our MVWARE implementation.
- Moved the Communications and Patrol group to "open office" (word processing, spread sheet , and presentation software) saving thousands of dollars in licensing fees.
- WEB page development and enhancement
- Assisted in the jail renovation

The mission of the 'Information Systems Group' is to provide the technology and support to assist in all facets of the day to day operation of the Stark County Sheriff's Office