Individuals who obtained a license to carry a concealed weapon early in the CCW program will hit their four-year renewal dates in mid-April 2008.  While the law discusses the conditions for license renewal, this web page will cover many issues and procedural questions related to the CCW license renewal process.

Renewal Window:
ORC 2923.125(F) of the Ohio Revised Code, provides for the renewal of a CCW license 90 days prior to its expiration and no later than 30 days after the permit expires.  This provides a 120-day window during which the licensee may begin the renewal process.  This initial renewal period begins 90 days prior to April 8, 2008, which is January 9, 2008.

If the licensee FAILS  to initiate the renewal process within the 120-day period, the CCW license will expire 30 days after the license expiration data  and will no longer be valid.  Should the licensee wish to retain a CCW license, a new application must be completed and the licensee must meet all of the initial application requirements.

 If an individuals training certificate is expired (older than six years from date of issuance) and wants to renew the CCW license, the individual must submit a NEW training  certificate that meets the provisions of 2923.125(G) of the Ohio Revised Code.  This is the same qualitative and quantitative criteria used for the initial issuance of the CCW license.

As of March 27, 2013, for all renewals -- you do not have to provide a Competency Certificate.  You only need your old permit. 

   The CCW license renewal process follows most of the same steps as the issuance of the initial license.  The renewal steps are listed in section 2923.125(F) and additional information can be found on the Attorney General's website at:

1) New "Application for License to Carry a Concealed Weapon"

2) A new set of fingerprints will be obtained for background checks

3) A new photograph of applicant will be taken

$67.00 new issue for a five-year license
$91.00 new issue for a five-year license - resident for less than five years
$50.00 renewal fee
$74.00 renewal fee - resident for less than five years
$37.00 emergency / temporary fee
$61.00 emergency / temporary fee - resident for less than five years
$15.00 replacement fee
(new, renewing, emergency / temporary) applicants who have been a resident of the State of Ohio less than five years must undergo the FBI background check

5) NEW certificate of Training provided by individual if theirs is expired (older than six years from date of issuance)

6) A request of the individual's background will be made through BCI & I

   Upon completion and the receipt of the above listed items, reissue the CCW license preserving the original license number with a new expiration date that is five (5) years from the date of renewal.