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History of Stark County Metropolitan Narcotics Unit

The Stark County Sheriff's Metropolitan Narcotics Unit is a multi-jurisdictional task force and one of the oldest existing Drug Units in Ohio, beginning operation in 1969. The mission of the Metro Unit is to identify, investigate and take enforcement action against illegal narcotic trafficking and related criminal activity in conjunction with, but not in place of, local, state and federal enforcement efforts.  Primary targets of this unit and its enforcements are high-level drug trafficking individuals and organizations (DTOs) operating within Stark County and stopping the illegal flow of larger quantities of narcotics into our community, many of which are supplied by larger DTOs in source cities.

In addition to our own investigations, we also work in conjunction with local, state and federal agencies to achieve our objectives.

The Stark County Sheriff's Office funds the drug unit.  We also receive grant funding that is used for the salaries of some personnel assigned to this unit and for the purchase of state of the art technology used in our investigations.

The Stark County Sheriff's Metropolitan Narcotics Unit's Agent In Charge is Lt. John Oliver. The Unit is currently comprised of local agents from the Stark County Sheriff’s Office, the Canton Police Department, the Jackson Township Police Department, the Lawrence Township Police Department, the Canal Fulton Police Department, the Louisville Police Department, and the North Canton Police Department.  We also work with agents of BCI, DEA, FBI, and the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy.  We offer and draw support from other agencies within our jurisdiction and surrounding areas as well as state and federal agencies.




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