Some interesting facts and information about county jails and how the Stark County Jail measures up for the citizens of Stark County.

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- The jail is the primary resource for the criminal justice system, used to address the need for detention at various points in the criminal justice process

- Jails serve multiple law enforcement agencies, including the local police, sheriff, Ohio State Patrol, state conservation officers, and at time various federal agencies

- The jail serves criminal justice system needs by holding
     New arrestees pending arraignment, trial, conviction, or sentencing
    Offenders sentenced to jail time
    Accused probation, parole, or bail-bond violators pending revocation proceedings
    Offenders as a sanction for probation or parole violations
    Illegal immigrants pending transfer to the INS
    Convicted offenders pending transfer to state or federal institutions
    Witnesses for Court
    Offenders for violation of court ordered sanctions

The primary purpose of the jail in Stark County is to hold accused law violators who cannot post bond to ensure their appearance at trial and to hold those convicted of lesser offenses until they complete their court-ordered sanction.  The incarceration of accused law violators and those convicted of lesser offenses distinguish local county jails from state and federal prisons.

The overall jail population focuses on both the number and types of inmates in the jail.  The jail itself has little or no control over either, yet it is required to manage a population that often exceeds its bed space and presents a great range of risks and needs.  We have done that in Stark County and the Judges have had their hands tied as to which offender they can incarcerate.   Since April of 2000 we have been very successful managing the jail population and not housing Stark County prisoners in other county jails.  This practice has saved the taxpayers of Stark County millions of dollars.  $1,200,000.00 was spent in 1999 to house prisoners outside of Stark County.  This has stopped offenders from thumbing their nose at the Stark County Criminal Justice System and receive punishment for their crimes.

The size of the jail population is a product of decisions made by various law enforcement entities that the jail serves, the courts, and other segments of the criminal justice system.  Local, state and federal laws that are enforced also affect the population

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- Adequate staffing levels. 
We have struggled for years to try and maintain the proper staffing levels and at least have met the very minimum requirements
- Well-trained and supervised staff 
Documented in-service training is conducted each year to insure all staff is properly trained in the most current issues and laws
- Current, written operational directives
We are constantly reviewing and ensuring our Policies and Procedures meet the requirements of the Bureau of Adult Detention and segments are inspected annually
- Systematic and documented inmate classification process
A systematic and computer documented classification system is used to house inmates in the county jail to insure the safety of both officers and inmates
- Effective supervision of inmates
We strive to provide the most effective supervision of inmates possible based on our staffing levels to insure their proper behavior and security of the facility
- Adequate level of inmate services and programs
Our inmate services section insures we meet the requirements as set forth by State and National standards
- Fair treatment of inmates
Our supervisor and staff insure all inmates all treated fairly and equally  and document all incidents in the jail for review by the Jail Commander
- Adequate bed-space capacity
We have had two studies conducted and several of our own county officials attend training on this issue and all have found the bed space less than adequate for a county of our size.
- Compliance with standards, regulations and codes
The Stark County Jail has been 100% compliant for at least the last ten years as determined by the Bureau of Adult Detention
- A safe, clean, and well-maintained environment
The jail is inspected daily by jail supervision and is inspected annually by the Health Department and every three months by the Brand Jury.

"Adequate staffing" - the single most important factor contributing to the ultimate success or failure of the jail, both in the number of staff and the effective placement of staff in duty positions

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- Per diem cost of housing prisoners
This figure fluctuates daily based on inmate population, internal cost and available staffing.
- Cost per meal for food services
This cost is based on competitive bidding every three years and presently our meal cost is $1.01 per meal and the state average
is approximately $2.25 per meal
- Medical cost for prisoners
This cost is based on the inmate population and the medical condition of the inmates housed.  In 2002 the county paid a total of $1,281,137.96.  The amount was determined by a competitive bid which occurs every three years.
- Cost recovered from inmate health insurance and co-pay program
Every effort is made to insure the inmate's insurance carrier first pays for the medical care if they have insurance. Few inmates have insurance.  A co-pay program was started in June of 2002.
- Use of inmate workers for facility sanitation, meal service and preparation, laundry, and grounds maintenance to offset operational costs
The Stark County Jail utilizes inmates in all of those capacities and it is estimated that the labor savings is over one million dollars a year
- Community service work hours performed in the community
The Stark County Jail uses inmates in various community activities such as: litter clean up, painting county facilities and in "Realities of Crime" and "Turnaround Program" for youths
- Revenues generated from collect call telephones.  Inmate commissary, prisoner boarding, booking fees collected from user agencies
The Stark County Commissioners receive a percentage of the inmate collect calls and in 2002 received $279,052.00.  The Stark County Jail Commissary collected a profit of $70,226.00.  There are no monies collected from prisoner boarding.  Steps are being taken to legally charge inmates for their incarceration.  The Social Security Administration has reimbursed the county $43,000.00 in 2002 for housing prisoners on social security.

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Security indicators:

- Number of escapes from the jail
There have been no escapes from the jail since 1989.  There have been 2 walk aways
- Number of searches or incidents where weapons, drugs or illegal items were discovered
Searches are done on a random daily basis throughout the jail and no weapons have been located for many years, however on occasion drugs have been found as well as other contraband upon the initial entry of some prisoners
- Well trained staff in emergencies
Staff receives intensive entry level as well as annual in-service training on emergencies and critical incident responses.  Twelve fire drills are conducted each year.

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Safety Indicators:
- Injury to inmates
On occasion a few inmates have received minor injuries while performing work duties which were treated by in-house medical staff
- Workman's Compensation claims
Over the years very few claims have been filed from any injuries resulting in activities related to the jail
- Assaults by inmates on other inmates
Every attempt is made to prevent this from happening with frequent rounds, to having personnel actually posted inside of the inmate-housing unit
- Inmates assaulting staff
This is very low.  In 2002 only 3 incidents of inmates assaulting staff took place
- Staff misconduct
This is not tolerated and every step is taken to ensure that it does not exist.  Our staff is professional and they are trained and recruited for this purpose.
- Staff documented use of force
Every use of force incident is fully documented and reported
- Fire code violations
Local fire officials inspect the jail every year and any deficiencies noted are corrected immediately.
- Improper classification of inmate for housing
Classifications of inmates are done upon initial entry and reviewed as needed on a daily basis in accordance with state standards.

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Health indicators:
- Medical emergencies
These emergencies are handled by the medical staff which comprises of Doctors, RN's as well as LPN's
- Sick call requests
The nurses on duty immediately review requests for medical attention and treatment is rendered in accordance with doctors orders received
- Doctor visits
Outside doctor visits are rare and happen because of the need for special medical treatment due to pre-existing medical conditions that existed before the prisoner was jailed
- Inmate hospitalizations
This occurs occasionally due to the nature of the medical condition that some inmates are in.
- Suicides or attempts
Every attempt is made to identify these individuals upon their entry into the jail and precautions are taken to prevent them from occurring
- Inmate deaths
Inmates have died from natural causes (i.e. heart attack) and only one has passed away in the last ten years
- Health code violations
The Health Department inspects the jail annually and any violations are immediately addressed.

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Jail quality indicators:
- Violations reported by health inspector
These are corrected immediately upon our notification
- Violations reported by fire and safety inspectors
These are corrected immediately upon our notification
- Violations of state standards
We have been 100% compliant with state standards for the past ten years
- Inmate grievances regarding facility operation
The most frequent grievance is the time it takes being booked into the jail
- Valid external citizen complainants
Any citizen complaints are thoroughly investigated and appropriate action is taken in each case in accordance with our office's policies and procedures
- Number of inoperative plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, HVAC systems, fire protection systems, security systems
We have procedures in place to identify any inoperative system or article and repairs are scheduled promptly
- Vandalism by inmates to facility
Vandalism is investigated and any suspect if identified is charged criminally and also in - house disciplinary actions are taken.
- Negative or positive press or media reports concerning jail
We are always receptive to the media and encourage their involvement in matters relating to the Stark County Jail to ensure that accurate information id reported to the community.
- Type and extent of inmate litigation and lawsuits
The types of lawsuits filed are usually dismissed due to the frivolous nature of the inmate litigation and the well- documented investigations of these incidents.
- Basic pre-service and in-service training as required by state standards
The Stark County Sheriff's Office provides 280 hours of basic corrections training and the state requires only 140 hours.  In-service is 40 hours and the state requires only 16 hours per year.