Volume 2, Issue 7

July 2005

June 30 - connecting corridor being formed June 30 - installation of curbing in the garage
June 30 - final finishing of the southwest corner stairs July 1 - last concrete pour of the NE corner
July 1 - concrete pump and cement delivery truck July 1 - concrete being spread on the composite flooring system
July 6 - final finishing of garage east side curbing July 6 - garage northern end curbing
July 6 - connecting corridor rebar detail further rebar detail showing electrical conduits
July 6 - structural engineer inspecting connecting corridor rebar July 7 - progress of construction - view from the south

   The construction project is progressing well.  The temperature the past few weeks has been high for this time of the year and adjustments have been made.

    For example, concrete pours have started earlier in the morning and chemical mixtures adjusted to cope with the quick curing times.  Water is constantly sprayed on the floor for a week to slow the process of curing.  This is a prevention method that lowers the temperature and slows evaporation to reduce cracks in the concrete.  Concrete actually heats up as it cures and the contractors have taken every precaution to ensure minimum cracking. 

    The connecting corridor is scheduled for it's first pour on July 11th.