Volume 2, Issue 10

October 2005

The month of October has not been very favorable toward our progress with rain on 6 of these days.  The rain caused the contractors the inability to build the exterior walls.  Our goal is to have the building under roof in early December.  Then the emphasis will shift to the interior walls and finishes.  Progress on those rainy days did not stop, it just shifted inside of the building and the photos below will show a great deal of progress has taken place.
Oct 4 - site view from the northwest Oct 4 - site view from the northwest
Oct 31 - east side above vehicle entrance east side of the reception housing unit
Oct 4 - mechanical room walls self explanation
receiving and prebooking entrance  vehicle sallyport and entrance
video visitation stations holding cell in receiving area
garage insulation - north end Oct 31 view of bars in roof penetration