Volume 1, Issue 1

October 2004

This is the inaugural issue of Transitions: our goal is to inform interested parties on the progress and issues that involve the Jail Expansion Project.

why do you se Captain Arnold or Lt. Carona wear a hardhat?  Anyone entering the construction zone is required to wear a hard hat.  Basically the orange fenced off areas are those zones that require the added protection.  We do not want any violations from OSHA or the company contracted to inspect the site for safety compliance.   Since this is a county project any violations would be paid by the county and we all know that finances are tight.

When building excavation begins only authorized personnel will be permitted in the construction zone!  There will be no shortcuts, crossing through!!

All contractors working the site will have a photo ID issued to them;  this ensures that we checked them out for any warrants or past criminal activity that would prohibit them from this site.

Construction delays: Some of the problems we have encountered are;
1.  The natural gas line when pressure tested developed leaks.  Leaks were so numerous that the entire line had to be replaced
2.  Another storm sewer line had to be run.  When installing the storm sewers in the front of the building an additional manhole was found near the Sheriff Umpleby's memorial.
3. AEP installed the wrong transformers - thank goodness  it was caught in time.

Meetings with the detention equipment company discussed such interesting topics at to the installation of the automatic closers on the doors.  Hard to image that such minor details are really so important.  For example the juvenile housing unit - you do not want to leave these young idle hands time or the opportunity to tamper with anything, so you make sure that the closers are on the other side of the door.  Some doors have inmates on both sides so you have to decide the lesser of two evils.  The equipment company does not know your facility or what your intentions are for these areas, so you have to go over almost every door in the building.

SAFETY: It's everyone's responsibility!

We will report the project in phases;  this may change over time, for example:
PHASE One: Site Utilities Relocation

    Start Date Completed
DiPietro Excavating New Roadway 08-25-04  
  South Sanitary 09-07-04 09-26-04
  North Storm 09-21-04 10-14-04
  South Storm 09-23-04 10-14-04
  North Sanitary 09-27-07 10-05-04
  Demo Gas House 09-27-04 09-27-04
  Relocate fuel tank vent lines 0-028-04 09-29-04
  Waterline 10-12-04  
Abbott Electric South Communication Loop 08-23-04 09-24-04
  Site Lighting and Power Demo 09-03-04 10-14-04
  Temporary Overhead Power 09-16-04 10-08-04
  North Communication Loop 09-22-04  
Doerschuk Plumbing Gas Line Relocations and New Meter 09-07-04 09-24-04
  Water line w/DiPietro 10-12-04  

Phase Two: Building Excavation and Construction of Garage
Phase Three: construction of First and Second Floor
Phase Four: Finishes and Furnishings
Phase Five: Transition and Training
Phase Six: Occupancy

The Jail Expansion Project was broken into 9 packages: the contractors are:

Packages Contractor address City, State
Site Work DePietro Excavating, Inc 7706 Lincoln St SE East Canton, Oh
Concrete Northern Valley Contractors, Inc 7640 Whipple Ave NW North Canton, Oh
Masonry GMR Builders, Inc 4183 Beaumont Ave NW Massillon, Oh
General Trades WG Fairfield Company 4255 Kropf Ave SW Canton, Oh
Detention Equipment Norment Security Group 3224 Mobile Highway Montgomery, Al
Sprinkler SA Comunale Co, Inc 2900 Newport Drive Barberton, Oh
Plumbing Doershuk Plumbing & Heating 5021 Louisville St NW Louisville, Oh
HVAC Standard Plumbing & Heating Co 435 Walnut Ave SE Canton, Oh
Electrical Abbott Electric Inc 1010 - 4th St SE Canton, Oh
Architects Wachtel & McAnally Architects and Planners,   Newark, Oh
Construction Management Hammond Construction Inc 1278 Park Ave SW Canton, OH